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Sum's Newsletter

Hello Goons!
The band was recently in New York City to rehearse and we snuck in to the studio to take some photos. They never knew what hit them. Check out the photos section of sum41.com to see the latest polaroids.

Sum 41 is featured in the current AP Warped Tour issue in the "In The Studio" section. Besides the studio info you can enter the AP Magazine contest where you can win an iPod Mini, a Pac Sun shopping spree or music from bands playing the Warped Tour.

If you haven't checked out the tour page lately then you would have missed new tour dates added like the band's two Zumiez Couch Tour events (June 9th in Mesa, AZ and June 22nd in Portland, OR). All info on these shows is in the news page too so make sure to get the info and go see the band play live.
And for those fans who like to keep tabs on the band's whereabouts as if they tagged them with a GPS, here is your latest update: The band is currently in the Congo for the filming of the War Child Documentary we told you about in the last newsletter. The documentary is titled "From The Front Lines" and you can read their daily diaries from The Congo starting today at www.warchild.ca
I posted this in another Sum community but I figured I'd post it in here too. Later.
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