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It appears that this community hasn't changed that much over night.
It's funny to scroll down and read that you guys don't have members. People look at layouts and spelling before they join and this community isn't good for either of those things. If I knew how to do layouts at all I would make one, but since I don't, thats out the window.


I have to say, I've been to enough concerts and when I seen Sum 41 for the second time in September `03, they completely topped off what would be called a 'deadly' show. They rocked. They did everything a good band should do. And not to mention how nice and sweet they are to all of they're fans.


Leave a comment & tell me your favorite member.
Also, they're full name, birthday, current age, place they were born, and anything extra you know about the band member. I want to see who really likes Sum 41 in this community.
Looking at other sites and information on Sum 41 will be cheating, I want to know what you know by heart.

The longer people take to reply to this, shows how much they like these guys.

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